ESOP Practice

ESOP as a highly specialized area comprises of two broad segments:

ESOP Plan Design

ESOP Plan Design and allocation
is the heart of ESOP consulting. It is an area of consulting which requires highly specialized skills in Business strategy, Corporate Laws, Income Tax, Finance, Capital Structuring and Documentation.

ESOP Plan Design therefore derives and significantly impacts the success and effectiveness of Million of Rupees / Dollars worth of Equity Capital issued under an ESOP. More importantly, a well designed ESOP Plan contributes significantly to a company attaining its corporate objectives.

Paradigm ESOP brings to the ESOP consulting years of academic research and study combined with practical experience and insight in Business consulting, Finance, Corporate Laws. Taxation and Legal documentation.

All three Directors of Paradigm ESOP have tremendous experience and expertise in consulting in all the above fields.

Paradigm ESOP has thereby developed a niche in identifying the unique circumstances of each client and developing tailor-made ESOP Design and allocation strategy to maximize the benefits of ESOPs.

ESOP Administration

ESOP Administration or ESOP Plan Management as it is commonly known is the Record Keeping of ESOPs granted. It includes -

  • Monitoring the ESOP Grants for the various events during the life of the ESOPs like vesting, exercise and lapse.
  • Sending communications to Employees on vesting, exercises etc.
  • Generating Information for passing ESOP related Accounting Entries and Disclosure in the Directors Report e.g. Total ESOPs granted, vested, exercised, lapsed during the year, the Exercise Price received, etc.

ESOP Administration is primarily a procedure support to the Corporate.

Paradigm ESOP has developed detailed Administration Manuals and FAQs to assist Companies in ESOP Administration.