Take the ESOPs Test 

Sr.No. Particulars Yes
1. The future growth potential for the business is high.
2. The human resources are a key resource for business growth.
3. The company finds it difficult to attract good talent.
4. The company has had significant employee turnover especially in the key departments.
5. There are no strong performance based incentives for employees at present.
6. The company needs to create ownership attitudes and a sense of belonging amongst employees.
7. The company wants to reward performance but still needs to retain cash for business growth.
8. The company is listed / or has plans to go public in the next 2-5 years.
9. Atleast some of the current owners have a reason to create corporate succession
e.g. - planning for retirement,
- liquidating part/full ownership value,
- entering new business,
- children not expected to enter business.
10. The owners are psycologically willing to share ownership with their employees.